Video Tutorials

Modern multimedia technology

Video tutorials are integrated directly into the written procedures. All BIOQUANT documentation is available in interactive PDF format.

See and hear procedures

Video recordings of BIOQUANT with helpful narrations make it easy to learn new features or follow along with detailed procedures.

Full 1920 x 1200 HD resolution

Videos are recorded at the full 1920 x 1200 resolution of the BIOQUANT desktop, capturing all the visual details in the procedure.

Library of Tutorial Images and Tutorial Guides

15+ Complete Analysis Tutorials

More than 15 complete tutorial protocols with tutorial images and step by step instructions form opening an image to exporting the data. Tutorials cover everything from skeletal phenotyping in mice to human histomorphometry on bone biopsy and from muscle phenotyping to chondrocyte proliferation.

7+ GB of Tutorial Images

More than 7GB of high-resolution whole slide scans of histology ranging from trichrome staining in mouse proximal tibia to fluorescent labeling in human iliac crest to PCNA staining of proliferating chondrocytes.

Comprehensive Written Documentation


More than 1000 pages of documentation in searchable PDF format. Every feature is fully documented from File > New Data Set... to Help > Contact Us...

Integrated Application Help


Click a help button in BIOQUANT and the manual will open automatically to the relevant page.