International Partners


BIOQUANT is the global supplier of BIOQUANT software and BIOQUANT hardware. Please contact us directly to license the system for your laboratory. In most cases, BIOQUANT will export the system directly to your institution. Your institution will be the importer of the system.

If the importation of scientific equipment into your country requires a local representative other than your university, we are glad to work with a representative of your recommendation. Normally, BIOQUANT pays the representative a flat fee to assist in the importation of the system.

Technical services and future upgrades are always provided directly by BIOQUANT.


Homer Technology

BIOQUANT has appointed Homer Technology the exclusive marketer for BIOQUANT systems licensed to research laboratories located in the People's Republic of China.

As exclusive marketer, Homer Technology will help you learn about BIOQUANT software and hardware. In cooperation with us at BIOQUANT, they will consult with you and guide your lab in the implementation of BIOQUANT technology.

Your lab will license the BIOQUANT software and purchase the BIOQUANT hardware directly from BIOQUANT with the assistance of Homer Technology. BIOQUANT provides technical services directly to all of its clients, world-wide. Homer Technology provides local assistance. Your lab will have a direct connection to both Homer and BIOQUANT. 

Office Location

Homer Technology
Shanghai Olympic Garden
Jiuting Town, Songjiang District
Shanghai, 201615