BIOQUANT Live Image Overlay Driver

BIOQUANT has written a custom driver interface which allows measurement directly on the live image stream, without the need to capture or save an image file.

BIOQUANT PV1 Digital Camera

Developed in cooperation with QIMAGING, the PV1 camera is built specifically for the imaging requirement of musculoskeletal research. This ensures high sensitivity in color imaging of real-time multi-channel fluorescence. 

Technical Specifications

Interface Specifications

Frame Rate: 30 fps

Bit Depth: Internal: 14-bit / Output: 24-bit (8 bits / channel)

Bus Type: USB 3.0

OS Requirements: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10

Power: 7.5 volts DC / 2.5 amps / Dedicated Port / Switch


Physical Specifications

Mount Type: C-Mount

Dimensions: 98mm x 76mm x 76mm

Mass: 0.7kg


Sensor Specifications

CCD Model: Sony ICX-825, Color, Bayer Mask, Scientific CCD

CCD Array: Raw: 1360x1024. Image Output: 1280x960.

Pixel Dimensions: 6.45 microns by 6.45 microns

Full Well Capacity: > 11,000e- per pixel


Control Specifications

Exposure Control: 25 microseconds to 60 seconds

Cooling: Stable -15C at 22C Ambient

Master Gain Control: Off, Medium (5X), High (10X)

Independent RGB Gain: 1X to 10X per channel

Automatic Adjustments:  Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance

Preset Memory: Unlimited. Predefined Brightfield and Fluorescence.