Image Navigator: Open up to 4GB Scans

BIOQUANT OSTEO can import, analyze, and export very large digital pathology data.

This feature was previously part of the Imaging Extensions add-on. As of September 1, 2018, all Imaging Extensions features have been integrated into BIOQUANT OSTEO.

 Digital Pathology Scans Up to 4GB

BIOQUANT provides the necessary infrastructure to handle very large image files. Uncompressed TIF is the default format for interchange of digital pathology scans.

Large Image Navigator: Virtual Microscope


Large images and scans are opened in the Large Image Navigator.

  • Zoom to different magnifications. All zoom levels are instantly calibrated. 
  • TV boundary is shown in Large Image Navigator box, Overview window, and in the Measurement window.
  • Use the Pan box to load high resolution image into the Image window for measurement.
  • The Pan box is bound by Tissue Volume region of interest, preventing measurement outside of the TV.
  • Measurement tracings collected at different zoom levels and at different locations on the large image are redrawn, preventing duplicate measurement.

Batch Scripting within the Sampling Area

Batch Scripting can automatically sequence through a sampling area boundary and measure internal cells.

Export Images

Export Image in BIF, our Calibrated Image Format

BIOQUANT uses the BIF format to store calibration data directly in the image file. Loading the image automatically calibrates a BIOQUANT system for accurate data collection.

BIF scans can be measured on a BIOQUANT OSTEO Satellite System, freeing up the core BIOQUANT system for live imaging.

Export Images in large TIF

Export images in the large TIF format for external sharing.

Export Images in BMP or JPG

Export images in the BMP or JPG formats for printing and sharing.