Estimation with Stereology

Stereology is the use of statistical sampling to estimate the morphology of structures. It is particularly helpful when limited stain contrast makes automated analysis difficult.

Increases Efficiency Relative to Manual Tracing

Calibrated Image Montage

Calibrated Image Montage puts a single image of the entire sampling area (e.g. tissue volume) in the Image window, making it simple to accurately draw the sampling area boundary. 

Grid Wizard

The Grid Wizard automatically generates sampling grids bounded by the Tissue Volume. Grids automatically re-size with changes in zoom level on the digital scan, or magnification if using live imaging.

MERZ Estimators

  • Count intersections between the bone surface and the grid lines to estimate bone surface in trabecular bone.

  • Count intersections between the bone and the points within the grid to estimate bone volume

Grids OVER Digital Scans

Grids can be superimposed over digital scans.

Grids Over a Live Image Using Motorized Stages

Grids can be superimposed over the live image from an attached digital camera. As the stage moves, the grid is moved along with the tissue.