Rat Supraspinatus Tendon Responds Acutely and Chronically to Exercise

The objective of this study was to identify acute responses and chronic adaptations of supraspinatus tendon to non-injurious exercise. We hypothesized that chronic exercise increases tendon mechanical properties, and a single exercise bout increases MMP activity acutely. Rats were divided into acute or chronic exercise (EX) or cage activity (CA) groups.

Treadmill Exercise Improves Fracture Toughness and Indentation Modulus without Altering the Nanoscale Morphology of Collagen in Mice

The specifics of how the nanoscale properties of collagen (e.g., the crosslinking profile) affect the mechanical integrity of bone at larger length scales is poorly understood despite growing evidence that collagen’s nanoscale properties are altered with disease.

Overexpression of Gα11 in Osteoblast Lineage Cells Suppresses the Osteoanabolic Response to Intermittent PTH and Exercise

Intermittent parathyroid hormone (iPTH) treatment and mechanical loading are osteoanabolic stimuli that are partially mediated through actions on G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). GPCR signaling can be altered by heterotrimeric G protein Gα subunits levels, which can therefore lead to altered responses to such stimuli.