3D Modeling with the Topographer

Atlas Modeler Workspace


Display tools

  • Show models as smooth surfaces, polygon meshes, or points.
  • Display neuron bodies or other cells as spheres or points when modeled.

Export to PLY

  • Export edited model to PLY format for easy 3rd party rendering.

Hide portion of contour

  • Designate a portion of the model’s contour as “not rendered” so that inner structures are featured. 

Lighting, color, and opacity parameters

  • Define global ambient light, surround lighting, color, and opacity per structure.

Movement tools

  • Rotate, scale and pan the 3D model with the mouse.

Atlas Editor

Reconstruction quantification

  • Measures, in microns, count per volume, area, count per area, and distance.

Serial section alignment

  • Uses dual point alignment to automatically align serial sections.

SVG output

  • Export BMP files with SVG overlay for dynamic resizing of tracings without distortion.

Object selection and manipulation tools

  • Includes select by color, select with polygon, select with rectangle, and select from data list.
  • Rotate, resize, change Z height, change color, Z sort, change resolution, and open/close polygon.

Object editing tools

  • Include split and join objects, straighten edge, redefine edge, delete objects.