Imaging Extensions

The Imaging Extensions for BIOQUANT OSTEO add the expanded functionality needed to import, analyze, and export digital pathology data.

Support for Digital Pathology Scans Up to 4GB

The Imaging Extensions provide the necessary infrastructure to handle very large image files. Uncompressed TIF is the default format for interchange of digital pathology scans.

Export Images in BIF, our Calibrated Image Format

BIOQUANT uses the BIF format to store calibration data directly in the image file. Loading the image automatically calibrates a BIOQUANT system for accurate data collection.

Batch Scripting

With the Imaging Extensions, BIOQUANT can load whole slide scans and automatically process each field of view.

Multi-channel Fluorescence Merging

The Merge feature of the Imaging Toolkit provides tools for combining images of multiple fluorescent labels and for blending fluorescent images with bright field images. Additional tools allow for special visual effects by mixing bright field images.